Magic on the Mountain

Yesterday morning when I woke up, my aura was 10 feet wide. I could not stand to have anyone touch me, stand to close, or being anywhere near my energy field. It was just one of those days where you are carrying too much energy, and you feel extra, extra sensitive. My attempts to ground myself and pull my aura in were futile. I realized that what my body was really telling me was that I was tired and needed to recharge my psychic batteries. For me, this usually means getting out in nature and spending some quality time with the elements. The moon was supposed to be full and amazing, so my husband, Scott, and I decided to take a full moon hike.

We set out on our trek around 8:00 PM. We took our 10 year old son Mykah, and our great dane, Saphira. We both felt strongly that we should climb to the top of a butte near our house, the R mountain. The R mountain is actually an ancient volcano that you can hike to the top of and feel like you are on top of the world. We arrived at the base at 8:30, and set out. The view of the surrounding area as the sun set was surreal.

The trail was very steep, and my Goddess shaped body is not really built for this kind of activity. As I struggled along, a huge blue dragonfly started hovering in front of me. I tapped into her energy to communicate. “Hurry, come on!” She encouraged. She was so beautiful, and her energy was so light and pure. She told me that she was so glad that we had come. I told that I was not sure I was up to this kind of a hike. She offered me her light, powerful energy to keep going. I did better for a little bit, then started to struggle again. The trail was extremely steep. Soon, she returned with a friend. Two huge blue dragonflies circled us, surrounding us with their joyful energy. In time, and third dragonfly joined them, and they escorted us all the way to the top of the mountain. When I reached the top of the caldera, I looked to the sky and gasped. There she was, Luna, the moon Goddess, smiling down on us in all of her glory. A huge, brightly lit moon was my just reward for the struggle up the trail. And, man, was it worth it! I sat down on a boulder overlooking the caldera and took it all in. The energy surged through my crown chakra, creating a powerful pulse of energy through out my whole body. I felt like I could not move a muscle. Soon, I could feel the buzz of my root chakra activating, and I realized what a sacred place we were in, where Pele, the volcano Goddess, comes together with Luna, Goddess of the moon. Pele’s message of inner strength and positive vibes, combined with Luna’s message of inner peace and the clearing of negative energies from my aura was just what I needed to feel renewed and recharged. The three of us sat in silence for a long time, allowing the miraculous energy to blend with our own. Scott took a picture of me standing on a giant lava rock, bathing in the moon light.

The hike back down was all by the light of the moon. Just as the dragonflies escorted us up, a bat escorted us down. We agreed to hike to in silence, so that each would be free to explore their own thoughts. I was feeling a tremendous of gratitude for what I had experienced. It was clear that the universe had urged us here to take in this ethereal experience, and that the dragonflies and bat that escorted us were there for our protection. As if the moon experience was not enough, when we were halfway down the mountain, we were treated to the biggest, brightest shooting star that I have ever seen. It was a night so full of magic, that I will never forget it. I think that I can safely speak for all 3 of us when I say that we will be forever changed.