Many of you have contacted me the last few days with the same basic question: “Why does the energy feel so negative right now, and what do I do to feel better?” I can answer that question by talking about energy, and the collective consiousness. We are going through a lot of changes in the energy on the earth right now. That change is resulting in a fair amount of chaos and tragedy.

First, collective consciousness. This is probably a post of it’s own, and so I am only going to scratch the surface right now. The collective consciousness is basically the average feeling of the people on planet. Picture throwing the auras of millions of people into the blender. You have low, high, average, etc. If more people’s auras are vibrating really low, then the higher vibrations are pulled down. Their are a lot of factors effecting how we vibrate. The economy, political climate, unemployment, and relationship drama are all things that seem to be the biggest factors right now. The collective vibration being low tends to lower the vibrations of a lot of people, who then really struggle.

Next, energy: It is comfortable for us to be in an environment that is a vibrational match to the vibration of us, of our own auras. An example would be if you walk into a room where someone has just had a fight. Most people can tell that something feels bad about the room. The environment is vibrating low, because something negative has occured there. If your aura vibrates higher than the low vibe of the room, you can feel it. As we allow our own auras to vibrate higher, we start feeling happier, more energetic, and life flows easier.

There are a few simple steps to allowing your aura to raise up to a higer vibration. I realize that there are many methods, but I am going to make this simple and do-able for everyone. If you have a method that you prefer, by all means us it!

1- Clearing our the old: First of all, we have to get rid of the old, lower vibrations that no longer serve you. A clear energy system vibrates so much higher! I like the Archangel Michael approach. Before bed, sit quietly, turn your head to the right, and address Archangel Michael. He is a very powerful, capable Archangel who is really good at clearing out. Since most people’s angels are on their side, it makes sense to turn to the right to indicate that you are addressing angels. You may say this aloud our in your head, “Archangel Michael, I am prepared to let go of all of the old energy that my aura is carrying. I am ready to vibrate higher, and to feel better. While I am sleeping tonight, please clear me of any energy that no longer serves me. Thank you, it is done.” Don’t be too suprised if you have a weird nights sleep! This works really well, however.

2- Raising the vibration: Now that your aura is clear, it will be simple to raise your vibration. Stand with both feet on the floor, arms at your sides, with your palms up. Picture a pillar of brilliant white light coming up from the earth, through your feet, completely encasing you. As you hold that image, breathe in deeply, allowing the light to permeate your entire being. Your aura is filled with sparkling, marvelous light! This is the energy that feels happy, joyful, and light.

3- Protecting your aura- Now that you have cleared and charged, you must protect. There are many factors that fill us up with negative crud on a day to day basis. It is your responsibility to protect yourself! I tell my clients that this is as important as brushing their teeth in the morning. I like to do it in the shower, since it is relatively quiet in there. Literally picture a blue flame of light surrounding your body, completely covering your aura. Blue is a protective color that only lets the good in. Avoiding low vibrating activites makes a big difference too. For the most part, avoiding the news is a really good idea. Also, be careful that you only listen to music that makes you feel good. Music can bring energy down faster than anything! Stick to happy, funny movies and TV. There is no reason to watch scary, sad, disturbing stuff.

In our seemingly negative, confused, unhappy world, it is vital to take good care of your spirit self. You will discover that under the unhappy layers, there is a beautiful, joyful, vibrant world just waiting to be experienced! As you raise your energy, you are also raising the energy of those around you. You are acting positively for the collective consciousness!

If you feel that you need more in depth clearing, some coaching, or more information, call me! I see clients in my Healing Center during the week and on Saturdays. It is my goal to be as available as possible to assist those who need me.

In love and service,