Angels All Around Me

I often call on Angels for assistance. I ask for help with protection, clarity, emotional issues, health, etc. The Archangel for protection is Archangel Michael. For a while now, everytime I ask for protection, Michael tells me, “Of course, but you need to know that you are fine. You have so much to accomplish, we are not going to let anyting happen to you!” Even my kids say that they love riding in my car because they know that I have a lot of Angels with me (as do they).

Yesterday I was driving down a slick snowy highway towards the Grand Teton Mountain range, when my truck lost control and started sliding sideways. I was prompted loudly in my ear to take my hands off of the wheel and my feet off of the pedals. I did, and the truck spun around in two full circles and dismounted gracefully into a snowbank facing the wrong direction. We were safe! I realized after we stopped that I had been chanting “Michael, Micheal, Michael” until the car came to a halt. Somehow I managed to keep focused, listen to my guidance system, and call on Archangel Micheal. Shortly thereafter, another Angel in a green Dodge stopped and pulled us out of the snow drift that we were buried in. After analyzing our tracks, onlookers agreed that it made no sense that the truck ended up where it did, but my passenger, Janet, and I knew why!

Later, I asked my Angels why it happened at all. The message was this, “You have so much to accomplish, and we need you to shed the last of your fear and get going. This was a reminder that you are always safe in our care.” What a wonderful message to me!

If you are not familiar with working with Angels, I strongly suggest that you learn more. Doreen Virtue is my favorite Angel communicator. She has many books, cds and cards on the subject. In the meantime, though, just know that we were all born with a built in guidance system. Angels are a part of that. Angels are almost always on your right side, so when you want to address them, turn to the right. Archangels are the superstars of the Angel realm, and have different strengths. Michael, obviously is about protection (among other things), Rafael is all about health, and so on.

I do a reading for my clients that leads them to a face to face meeting with their Angels and spirit guides. It is so exciting for my clients to learn their names, ask them questions, and find easier ways to connect. If you have been wondering how to connect, this would be a great reading for you.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone. This year I am so grateful for my family, my amazing, constantly growing circle of friends, and, of course, my Angels!