It is 3:53 in the morning on Christmas day, and I can’t sleep. I am not too excited or too buzzed on sugar. I just can’t settle in. I realized that maybe if I blog some of my feelings, sleep will finally grace me. Christmas is a weird holiday for me. I know that sounds strange to some, but it is true. Several years ago, my belief system change dramatically. For a time, I did not have a belief about Jesus. I just wasn’t sure. In fact, I wanted to throw the whole “Baby Jesus born from a Virgin mother” story completely out the window. I have kids, though. And kids really want their parents to celebrate Christmas! To make matters worse, in the work that I do, Jesus kept coming in. I kept getting words like “Christ Consciousness”, and hearing the psychics and healers that I revere the most talking about Jesus. I knew that I had to form a belief that I was comfortable with, and that was my truth.

I set out on a quest, reading books, meditating, and searching for the truth, as it is for me. This is what I came up with. Jesus is:

  • A master healer
  • A wonderful example of unconditional love
  • A teacher, who through his actions, proved that he was extremely special. He clearly understoon his divinity much better that most of us.
  • An anscended master who is gentle, easy to work with, and accessible to anyone who calls on him.
  • The most misunderstood and misused historical figure of the last 2 millenia.
  • Probably a lot more than my 4:00 AM brain can process right now.

He really did want peace, you know. Then, now. And he loved everybody. EVERYBODY. He would not have ever wanted mass wars and deaths in his name. He would be baffled by crazy laws like DADT. He knows very well that we are all born in perfect order, and that love is always the answer.

This year, my family has had to reach out to family, friends, and the community for help covering my dad’s medical costs. We have been constantly humbled and blessed by really generous people. In a little more than a month, we have raised a substantial amount of money. I can feel that “Christ Consciousness” in action. Our neighbors, family, and community mates, many of whom we have broken religious ties to, have overlooked our differences and come to our rescue. I truly honor them for that. I hope that I will have the wisdom to always do the same.

So, on this quiet morning, I wish you all a happy Christmas. I hope that you have had a year full of tender mercies and acts of sweet love. I have. I hope that you will carry that energy into the new year, and continue to do more, spread love, peace, and tolerance. I promise that I will. I hope that you will allow me to have my truth, as I know it. I urge to all to find your truth, and allow yourselves to be comfortable with it. And most of all, I bid you, “Peace on earth, goodwill to all.”