Miracles are happening all the time these days. Every day. Do you notice? Do I? Not enough, I know that. Who can blame us, really. Distractions abound at every turn. The US feels like a pressure cooker right now. The media is dancing around in the political mosh pit all day, every day. The news looks like something you would see on CSI or Law and Order. My Facebook page is so interesting, my phone is ringing, my kids are screaming! And yet, there is a dragonfly patiently waiting for me to notice her. Dragonflys have been messengers to me for a long time. Whenever I see one, I know that it is time to shut down, tune in and listen. I am trying to pay more attention to all of the miracles in my life. I have a very cool miracle to share.

My dad is dying. He has prostate cancer and he has been sick for nearly 6 years. Meds don’t work anymore and he is ready to be done. My mom died from breast cancer 11 months ago. My dad has been lost without her and he wants to be back with her. He has been on hospice for a couple of months now. When he first went on hospice, we decided to take a family vacation while he still felt good enough to go. In June we rented an RV and all 13 of us crammed into it. My husband Scott drove us to the Oregon coast to hang out for a week. One of the highlights of the trip was a fishing excursion. My dad has always loved to fish, so it was a perfect addition to our trip. We were to be at the dock at 6:30 am the morning of our voyage. On the way to the dock I started missing my mom, Merri Ann. She would have loved our trip. I know that she was with us, but it just isn’t the same as sharing the adventure with her. I said to my dad, “Wouldn’t it be cool if our boat was named the SS Merri Ann or something like that?” He agreed that would be amazing. Soon we arrived at the dock, did the paperwork, and headed to the boat. My sister Kristi gasped and grabbed my arm. “Look at the name of the boat!” There, in scrolling white letters on the side of the sky blue boat, “Miss Raven”. My eyes filled with tears of gratitude and awe. My mom loved ravens. She has come to all of us through ravens many times since her death. We all have ravens tatooed on our arm in honor of our mom. Of course our boat would be the Miss Raven! Of course she was with us on our journey. I am forever grateful for the miracles in my life.

My challenge to all of you is to slow down, tune in and pay attention. Miracles big and small are all around you. Here’s to a lifetime full of miracles and magic!