A really magical thing has happened, and it all started with a kid leaving a notepad on the bathroom sink. My 11 year old daughter, on a whim, wrote “How are you? Please write back” on the top of a notepad and left it in the bathroom at my dad’s house. I found it there, not sure who wrote it or if someone forgot to put their stuff away. I responded to the note, saying I was fine, and to have a wonderful day. Later in the day, someone else added a note, and so on. Now, several days later, there are five pages of notes. Some are nice, some are silly, and there are even 2 short poems. It is exciting to go into the bathroom now and check the notebook for new material!

My dad is dying from cancer. We take care of him at home. His house is a revolving door of family, friends, and nurses. I can only imagine what people must think when they find our bathroom notes. I hope that they get a little laugh out of them. I hope that their heaviness over the situation is lifted for a moment or two. I sincerely hope that they see that we are still the loving, happy family that they we have always been. I really, really hope that they will add their own sentiment to the notes. I suspect that we will hang onto these bathroom notes for years to come. Who knew that a notebook in the bathroom would become a source of inspiration?