Succeeding at Life: Together

What is it with our society’s urge to tear apart successful people? The media foams at the mouth waiting for the next scandal to break, the next public humiliation to unfold. It is so weird to me. As you have probably already hear a million times by now, Justin Bieber got busted last week for drunk driving and some other stuff. Great role model for millions of kids who love him? Not really. Worthy of the endless amount of hate and abuse being launched at him? Hardly. Social media and late night comedians are tearing at him relentlessly. It is shameful. This is not the first time a famous person has done something stupid and been caught, and it won’t be the last. For that matter, this isn’t the first time anyone has been caught doing something that lacked judgment. I have made mistakes in my life. So have you. Let me help you understand why I think these kind of attacks are a poor choice.
1- I want to be successful at life. So do you. So does the Biebs. When I tear apart his success, or yours, I tear apart my own. I am sending a crystal clear message to the universe that I hate successful people and they should be stoned. Instead, look for reasons to celebrate people’s success. Jealously is a low vibrating emotion that does a lot of harm. Get beyond jealousy to see the wonder and excitement in other people’s success. When you can do that, you can accept your own success, and attract it too.
2- There are those who will say, “I want my kids to see that drunk driving is wrong and so I am trashing Bieber so my kids will know that I don’t support that choice.” What you are really telling your kids is that you have no tolerance for people who make mistakes, and that people who screw up deserve painful, public humiliation. Do you really want your kids to see this as your belief? What happens when they mess up, and they need you the most? Can they talk to you about it, or will they go elsewhere? Instead, consider having a true and open conversation about drunk driving, your feelings about it, and your expectations. You will find that you can strengthen your bond with your children with open communication.
3- The Golden Rule really rocks sometimes. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. If you would like others to judge you harshly, tear apart your every success, and be nasty behind your back, then carry on. But if you would like to be treated softly, kindly and gently, then prove it!
We really can live in a gentle, benevolent world. We can get there by choosing to focus on things that we love and care about. I wish you all the very best, in both your small endeavors and your biggest dreams.