Bringing Peace to the World

Our world is really unsettled right now. We have violence and uncertainty in the Ukraine, with some very concerning actions by Vladamir Putin, of Russia. We have unrest in Venezuela, by citizens who are begging for better treatment by their government and better living conditions. We have continued fighting in Syria, unrest in Israel, and in many other places as well.

Ask any beauty queen what she wants, and she will confidently respond, “World Peace”, but if she is asked how we obtain world peace, her eyes will glaze over, as do most of ours. We know that war is not good for our world, but as individuals, we have no idea how to seek out peace. AJ Muste said that “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” In other words, we create peace by being peaceful. War does not guarantee peace, it only guarantees war.

Here in my home state of Idaho, I have been witnessing a tremendous group of people pushing for change in our state. The State of Idaho’s Human Rights ordinance, which protects housing and employment for gender, race, and age, does not provide protection for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. Activists have been asking the state for 8 years to add those 4 words. Each year, the legislators shoot them down, in fact they will not even allow a hearing on the subject so that it can be voted on. This year, the “Add the words” campaign has been working overtime, with demonstrators on the state capital in Boise every single day. They stand shoulder to shoulder in black shirts with white lettering that say “Add the Words” with their hands over their mouths. It is a silent protest, since they have been silenced anyway by the lack of being given a hearing and a chance to testify. So far this year, large groups of silent, peaceful demonstrators have been arrested and hauled away to jail 4 times at the Idaho state capital for disturbing the peace. Ironic, isn’t it? The campaigns leaders are reporting that a hearing is in sight, and that protestors must keep the pressure on. I suspect that they will get their hearing. Maybe we will even get those 4 vital and precious words added to our human rights clause. I am holding the energy high that we will.

So how do we, as private citizens, help support efforts of peaceful protest, of those asking for change, of the millions of innocent people who get pulled into political conflicts every year? We send them the most powerful tool of all, love. We are all connected on this planet. It is our responsibility to look beyond our own backyards and care about bigger issues than our own.

Here are some ideas about sending love for world peace:


  • Keep yourself in a state of peace as much as you can. Avoid getting into unnecessary battles and conflicts in your daily life and home. Stand up for yourself when you need to, by all means, but always try hold a space of unconditional love for you and those around you.
  • Make a blessing jar that you write down the names of people or places that need your love and attention, and include a blessing on that jar in your daily meditations or prayers.
  • Organize a group of like-minded people to come together in the spirit of peace and healing once a month or so and do a group healing on the planet, focusing on love and peace.
  • Make an altar or crystal grid with items that symbolize the people or places that you want to send love and peace to, and include those items in your daily meditations and prayers.

It is my belief that we share a collective responsibility to care about each other. I know that we agreed before we were ever born that we would be peaceful warriors, that we would assist those who are struggling, and that we would recognize our own role in creating peace in every way that we can.