Holy moses, what a deep, heavy energy we are in. All around me I am seeing people acting like zombies, just moving through the day, just surviving, but not really living. This energy is laying heavily on the planet, making people feel like they are underwater. Sleepy, heavy, unaware. The good news is, you can get out of the pool. The only caveat? You have to do the work. No one can save you from this.

The first step is to realize that you are feeling this way, and decide that you want to get your zen back. Look at the collective right now like it is in a big, deep swimming pool. People are slowly drowning in it, and you are right there with them. Move away from them, find a ladder, and climb out! Raise your energy about the crowd. You suddenly become a neutral observer rather than a victim. From this vantage point, the fear, depression, and stagnancy is below your feet.

The second step is to learn to keep you vibration pool side, all the time. Exercise, daily meditation, energy work, laughter, writing, music, and time in the water are all great ways to help keep your energy high. If you take a good look around and realize that you are back in the pool, just climb back out. Use your tools, get help from a trusted advisor if you need to.
Lastly, help others get out of the pool by encouraging them from the deck.

Do not climb into their space to help. Drowning people will reach out and pull their rescuer down with them, in an attempt to survive. Love them, encourage them, and set a great example to them. Most importantly, save them by saving yourself.

Much love to all of you my friends, may you catch many sunny rays on the pool deck of life!