Miracle Unfolding on 13th street

Spirit works in funny ways, and sometimes the gears are turning for a long time before something physical happens. Several years ago, I was walking down an unfamiliar street in Idaho Falls, Idaho with my family. We were walking to the 4th of July Parade a few blocks away. I walked past a beautiful old brown brick church that looked like it was abandoned. My left ear starting ringing loudly, as it frequently does when my guide wants to get in contact with me. I checked in with her, and she told me to pay attention to that church. She explained that at some point, that building would be the base of operations for my healing center and life’s work. I looked around curiously, but eager kids pulled on me on down the road, excited for the parade.

My sister Kara and her family were walking a block or so behind us. When she caught up to me, she said, “I just had the craziest vision. Did you see that old church back there? I was just shown that at some point, we will be moving Healing Hands there, and doing a lot of other healing work there too.” Okay, Universe. Now you have my attention.

A few weeks later, as I was driving home from work, my guide asked me to drive back over to the church. It was way out of my way, and I argued profusely that I was tired, didn’t have time, etc. She persisted, and finally I gave in, with the condition that the only way I was going was if she would provide me with someone to talk to when I got there. I felt like I needed more information. I pulled into the parking lot and sat with my window down, feeling out the energy of the church, when suddenly an older man appeared at my window and greeted me. I was so deep in thought that he really startled me!

He thought that I was from the realty company that had the building for sale, and explained that he was tired of watching the lawn burn up and had been moving the sprinklers. I assured him that I was just interested in this old church and was hoping to find someone who knew it’s history. To my delight, he explained that he had lived across the street for most of his life, and knew a lot about it. The church was built by the Mormons in 1918. They used it as a chapel until the late 30’s, when it became a commodity distribution center for WW2. Later, in the 50’s the church was given some updates and again put into use as a Mormon meetinghouse. By the late 60’s, they moved out and it sat empty for some time, until another church purchased it (Lutherans, I think) and used it as their meeting house until the early 90’s. At that time, the church was sold again, to a Spanish speaking Christian church that met there until 2009. He explained that the building needed a new heating system, electrical, and plumbing. He supposed that is why the last group left and it had not sold.

I was thrilled that someone did, indeed meet me there to talk. I was utterly enchanted, however, by the hummingbird that flitted around his head the entire time we visited. He acted oblivious to it, but I could not take my eyes off it. Such a magical experience! I did go home and do my homework. The price on the building was $200,000.00. Since I had no way to purchase it at that time, I let it go, knowing that spirit has a way of making things happen.

Two years later, one of my dear clients and friends called me out of the blue. “You will never guess the vision I had last night! I was walking my dog down 13th Street, and there is this old empty church on the corner. I was told that you guys are going to move your healing practice there and I was shown a vision of it happening!” I laughed and explained the history that I was quickly developing with that building.

Just recently, the old church has been calling to me again. I drove over and visited her last week, and took a few pictures to share. I still have no idea how this will ever play out, but I know one thing for sure: Spirit has a plan for that church that includes me and my sisters. At some point it will all come clear. Until then, we will keep doing what we do, with faith that the right thing always works out.