Helping Pets Adapt to Changes

                Life is ever changing, of that we can be sure. In our human minds, it is easy to justify changes, as we think in a series of consequences. Moving, changes in jobs, routines, divorces, etc. are all things that can cause a lot of upheaval in our lives. As an animal communicator, I often see pets suffering through changes with a great deal of confusion. If you have animal companions, these changes can have a profound effect on them. Some signs that they may be suffering are: changes in eating habits, heightened anxiety, clingy behavior, accidents in the house, and unexpected aggression or fearful responses.

                If you have an animal companion that is struggling through changes, try this: Sit near them and picture a glowing pink and green ball in the center of your chest, your heart chakra. Picture their heart chakra as well, then pull a silver thread of light from your heart and connect it to theirs. Use this connection to send them love and support. Animals think in pictures, so send them pictures of you caring for them, spending time with them, and everyone in the home feeling happy and settled. Archangel Uriel frequently works with animals, and is wonderful for responding to requests for support as well. Occasionally you may want to reach out to an animal communicator to check in with your animals. If you know that you have big changes coming, it is always helpful to let them know beforehand if possible.

                Overall, your animal companions just want to be close to you, and feel connected to your heart. Be sure that you are making some one on one time for them daily, with no other distractions. When you can give them that, you will soar through life together.