Understanding Empaths

An interview my spirit guide, Hannah. The questions are from me, the answers are channeled messages from her.


Q- What does it mean to be empathic?

A- An empath feels what others are feeling, usually without realizing that they are doing it. They tend to be more likely to absorb negative energy around them, as well as being more susceptible to psychic attacks. Empathic feelings are a transmission of information from one soul to another.


Q- How does someone know if they are empathic?

A- It is really easy to tell if you are empathic. If the negative moods of others make you feel tired, sad, depressed, etc., or the feelings of happiness, joy, and pride exhilarate you beyond normal emotions, then you have empathic tendencies. There are different levels of empathy. Some empaths just feel energy. Others feel physical feelings of pain or sickness as well.


Q- There seem to be a lot of empathic people on the planet right now. Are there really more, or are we just learning more about it?

A- I believe that there are more emphatic people currently because there are so many people waking up to their spiritual sensitivities. You talk about being an empath as if certain people are born with that gift and others are not. That is not correct. All people, when in the right spiritual frequency, will have empathic feelings. It is a part of your soul.


Q- Okay, so with that being the case, then once empathic, always empathic also does not apply, right?

A- Correct. When someone is softening to their spiritual roots, letting more of their soul shine through, they will naturally be more empathic. If that same person, for example, suffers a trauma that hardens their heart, they may turn their back on their spirituality and the empathic traits would go away as well. Realize that many people spend a tremendous amount of their energy refusing to feel. They leave a wake of broken relationships and hurt people in their path.


Q- Sometimes my clients think that being empathic is a curse, some see it as a gift. What are your thoughts on that?

A- Again, empathic gifts are a part of your soul. Your soul IS you. Of course it is a gift. A soul processes everything through feeling, through energy. It is this very gift that allows for psychic information, energy healing, telepathy, and the connections that souls make that you call love.


Q- Sometimes being empathic can be very uncomfortable. What can people do to have less discomfort?

A- First and foremost, accepting these feelings as a part of your soul. When you can accept that you are so much more than this physical body having this current life experience, you naturally feel better. Secondly, honoring the fact that the feelings you are experiencing are the result of connecting with another soul. It is truly a beautiful wonder to connect on a soul level. An example could be: You meet a friend for lunch. She seems quieter than usual, and suddenly, you start feeling sad. Her soul has connected to your soul and transmitted a message. Your friend is sad. You have 2 choices. You can act like you are feeling nothing, finish your lunch, and leave, still feeling her sadness. Alternatively, you can acknowledge that feeling and release it. You may address it with her directly, “You feel sad to me. Is everything okay?” or you may choose to wordlessly tell her soul, “I see the sadness is you and I honor our connection.” Either way, you have acknowledged the feeling and no longer need to carry it.


Q-What if you feel physical pain from someone else?

A- Again, it is acknowledging it. Consider this: You are visiting your grandmother who has had a stroke. Out of nowhere, you head starts throbbing. Wordlessly, you can thank her soul for connecting with your and sharing with you her pain. Then release it, let go of it, stop feeling it. This is a huge gift to have when you are in the service of others. Mothers know when their children are ill, and where it hurts, massage therapists know exactly where it hurts without being told, healers zero in on problem areas in their clients and understand how to help. Again, we are talking about a transmission of information from one soul to another. On the psychical plane, if someone needs to speak to you, they may call you on the telephone repeatedly until you answer. Once you have answered the phone and received their message, obviously they will stop calling. This is no different. The information, or feeling, will keep coming until we acknowledge it.


Q- How do we help empathic children?

A- Empathic children should be taught to receive the message, then move on. When they go to school, for example, and their teacher feels angry, they may internalize that anger and act up or think it is their fault and shut down. Instead, teach them to check into their own guidance system. They are remarkably intuitive at this point. Teach them to ask their angels or guides a series of questions. If they do not hear messages from their angels or guides teach them how to muscle test.

  1. “Is Mrs. Smith angry?” Yes
  2. “Is she angry with me?” No
  3. “Do I need to do anything about it?” No
  4. “I understand that Mrs. Smith is angry. Thank you for the message. I choose to let her anger go and stop feeling it now.”

Q- Sometimes my clients wake up feeling off, full of pain, maybe anxious. I have found that they are often tuned into collective energies around them that they are feeling acutely. How do they cope with that energy?

A- Collective energy can certainly be painful and difficult. Try this exercise:

  1. Close your eyes and picture your soul self, hovering over the planet. You are so much larger than you realize as your giant, powerful soul self. Embrace the earth and cradle it in your arms, like you would a baby. Comfort and love the planet and every being on it. Acknowledge that there is pain and suffering, and soothe it with love. You may choose to wrap the earth in a blanket of green or pink light, a symbol of love and peace. When you feel that your healing is done, return to your physical body, knowing that you have offered a powerful healing from your soul to the all of the interconnected souls that you share life with.


Obviously there is so much more to this conversation, and I will continue to ask Hannah questions and share here answers here on my blog. I am excited and encouraged about her insight on this vast and important topic.