Spirit Guides: Who, what, when, where, why and how

Spirit Guides, Who, When, Where, Why, and How


There is always so much talk about spirit guides in the psychic field. Sylvia Brown talked about her guide extensively over her career, and did a great deal of channeling work with her. I, too, have worked with my guides extensively, and would love for my clients to also have access to this deep well of wisdom and comfort. The following is an interview that I conducted with my spirit guide Hannah, about what it means to be a guide.


  1. Who are our guides?

    Spirit guides are spirits who agreed to come with you for your earthly experience and assist you. Sometimes they are ancestors, but not always. They will always be a spirit with whom you share a deep soul connection and trust very much.

  2. What is the purpose of having guides?

    Before you are born you make some decisions about what this life will mean for you. Perhaps you have a goal to master unconditional love, humility, charity, self-worth, etc. Your guide is aware of your goals, and will help support you in reaching them. Guides can serve as a safety net too, warning you or alerting you to a problem or danger. See your guides as a connection to heaven and personal assistant, all in one.

  3. When does a guide enter our lives?

    You are born with a guide who has been waiting with you to enter the world. Frequently, little children will report having an “imaginary friend”. This is usually their guide, and they are seeing them. Guides serve different roles at different times in your life. For example, a baby may receive comfort from their guide, while a teenager may receive warnings of safety, and an adult may receive whispers of support or reminders. Religions may call your guide the “holy ghost”, “still small voice” or other term that indicates that a spirit is with you. Contrary to some religious claims, all people have access to their guides at all times, there is no “worthiness” that determines the level of help that you get.

  4. Where are we most likely to receive messages from our guides?

    Guides are with you always, and their messages are readily available. However, if you are still learning how to hear your guides, meditation is key. Learning to quiet the constant loudness of your mind in order to hear the whisperings of spirit is a skill that, in your chaotic society, must be learned and practiced.

  5. Why is it important to connect to your guides?

    There are so many ways that your guides can help you, but you really must have a connection to them to tap into that. They can comfort you when you are sick or hurting, reassure you when you are questioning yourself, educate you when you are struggling with a question, and so much more. When you are in contact, you can ask them to help you with anything, and they will.

  6. How does one make contact with their guide?

    This is the biggest question of them all, and believe it or not, the simplest. It is not hard or complicated. You have been hearing guidance all of your life from them, so you may think that you are not receiving messages, as nothing feels different. Your voice and their voice are so intertwined in your spirit, that you don’t recognize a difference between the two. You will not hear them with your ears, that is for human communication. Souls communicate inside, telepathically. Ask them to come through in meditation to visit with you, so that you can feel them, know their gender, and their name. It is so much easier to communicate when you know who you are addressing. Talk to them often. Ask questions about everything. Practice! Realize that you may be hearing their answers in what appears to be your own inner voice. It can help to ask them to come through to you in a different tone or voice that is more identifiable.

  7. Occasionally I will have a client lose a guide and a new one will step into their place. That experience is usually accompanied by an unexplainable feeling of loss and deep grief. Can you help me understand why that happens?

    Sometimes a new guide steps up because you are need of their expertise or specialty. It doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong; it simply means that you are taking the next step in your soul’s evolution, and your guides are responding to that. It does feel like you have lost something, because that is a presence that you are very used to having near you.