Summer Solstice Fun

The Summer Solstice is coming up on Sunday, June 21st, and I am excited! I love celebrating summer, and this year is so full of magic and promise. The big message of the solstice this summer is getting your life organized and on track in every way. I have put together a list of fun suggestions for calling this powerful energy into your life to further your goals and manifestations.

Candle Magic-

·       Bless an orange candle with all your goals for the summer solstice, anoint with tangerine oil, allow to burn down

·       Bless a brown candle to attract faeries into your life, anoint with pine oil, allow to burn down

·       Bless a silver candle to amp up the magic in your life, anoint with orange oil

Cooking Magic-

·       Make a fruit salad full of citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines.

·       Make a green salad with edible flowers like rose petals and pansies (never been sprayed with pesticides, of course) and sunflower seeds.

Make a Summer Solstice Bundle-

You will need

·       A sunstone

·       A 4x4 square of orange fabric

·       A lengths of yellow ribbon or string

·       Dried summer herbs and flower petals. Mint, sage, basil, rosemary, rose, lavender, wild flowers, etc.


Start by laying your fabric down on a flat surface. Mix your herbs and flowers together into a Summer Solstice Potpourri. Place a healthy pinch in the center of the fabric. Hold the sunstone to your lips and whisper all of your prayers and manifestations for the next few months into the stone. Place the stone on top of the herbs and pull up all four corners. Wrap string or ribbon around the bundle and knot it three times. Hang it in a sunny place all day on the Summer Solstice to allow the sun to energize your bundle. You can carry this bundle for the next few months or keep it in a sunny window to keep on working.

Seashell Magic-

Since we will be entering into the water sign of Cancer at the same time, it makes sense to include a water ritual into your solstice fun. Find or procure a seashell that calls to you. Clean it carefully, then whisper all of your goals for the next few months into the shell. Wrap the shell in wire or string to create a necklace that you can wear for the next few months.


Summer Solstice Room Spray-

In an 8 oz spray bottle, combine 20 drops of tangerine essential oil, 10 drops of peppermint or spearmint oil, 1 tablespoon of vodka or 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Fill to the top with warm water. Allow to sit in a sunny place for a few hours during the Summer Solstice to allow your spray to be charged with the powerful rays of the sun.


Clear your space, Solstice Style-

You will need

·       Dried basil and rosemary leaves, an abalone shell or heat proof dish

·       Chimes or a bell

·       A bouquet of fresh flowers, wrapped securely together

·       An orange candle

·       Summer Solstice Room Spray


Start by combining the herbs and lighting them, allow them to start a smoldering fire. Blow smoke from them over all of your other tools to clear them first. Bless the orange candle with the power and spark of the Sun, allow to burn down as you smudge. Start smudging in the lowest point of your home and work up. First, ring chimes throughout each room, paying special attention to places that energy gets stuck, like in closets, under the bed, etc. Next walk through each room with your herb smolder, waving the smoke around each room with the bouquet of flowers. Hold the intention of releasing all energy that no longer belongs in your space. After you are done with your smoldering herbs, put them out safely. You can add their ashes to your garden later on. Finish by spraying your room spray through each room, holding the intention that you are energizing your space with the powerful energy of the sun.

You may also consider celebrating with a bonfire and barbeque with friends and family. Now is the time to enjoy life to the fullest! Happy Summer Solstice everyone, I hope that you all have a magical weekend.