9 Feel Good Articles for August

If you are anything like me, I am constantly in search of some uplifting articles online, to offset the constant stream of negativity on my screen. This month, I compiled articles from 8 of my favorite bloggers to share. Each one of these articles inspired me, brought me joy, and reminded me of the potentials of my life. I hope that they do the same for you. Just for fun, I threw one of my own articles into the mix as well. Happy reading!


1- Taking The Time, Kristi Brower
2- Illusion, Kelly Crowther

3- Changing a Bad Day into a Great Day, Lacey Dawn Jackson

4- Thoughts-Words-Love, Kelly Whetstone

5- Perception is a Choice, Raya Eusebi

6- Animals as Intuitive Guides, Lizanne Flynn

7- The Power of Community, Jamie Dawn

8- I am Committing ,Tina Marie Bertoli

9- Are You Goo? Katie Weaver