Transforming Darkness into Light

Recently I was watching a television show called “Witches of East End.” I love all of the magic in it, and the sisterhood, which I can relate strongly too. There was a scene in which the witches were attacked by dark forces. Their plan of action was to neutralize all of the dark energy with light. Each time something would happen, they chanted, “I meet your darkness with my light.” That spoke so loudly to me. How frequently do we match negative with negative, thus creating a larger problem? Can we get past our egos and need to defend ourselves?

It has been my goal recently to do just that. It isn’t always easy to counter negative with positive. I have found myself in social circles playing devil’s advocate several times. It is a lot easier to go with the crowd than to look for something positive to say about a perceived enemy. I have found myself at home, working to diffuse the frustrations of having three teenagers in the house with praise and encouragement instead of criticism. I have found myself having to really analyze the way I talk to, and about myself. Turns out a lot of it was pretty negative.

 I think that I have always known that meeting darkness with my light would be the best way to go, but I also think that I had forgotten that somewhere along the way. This reminder has been timely for me. My challenge for you, dear reader, is to look for every opportunity to shine your light. We shine our light by speaking from a place of love and support. We shine our light by refusing to get sucked into drama or defensiveness. We shine our light by remembering that every person we encounter has a soul that is just as sensitive and important as ours, and treating them accordingly. Have a magical month, and shine on!