Witches Runes

Making your own set of Witches Runes is a lot of fun. There are 13 stones in a witches set. You can make your runes out of wood, rocks or clay. Be sure to bless your runes with your own intentions before your use them. Simply hold them in your heart and tell them what you would like to do. I like this blessing, "I bless these runes to always tell the truth, both to the reader and the person being read. Let us always work together for the highest and best good of all involved." Runes can be cleared by smudging or being left out in the moonlight.


Cast your runes the way you cast Norse runes, or get creative with your own spreads.


I have found the following chart to be very accurate and easy to use. Please note that I did not make it. All credit goes to www.tarotwikipedia.com.