Honoring the Expansion of a Soul

Over the last several weeks I have noticed in many of my clients, a heightened level of grief. Some of this is new grief from recent losses, but much of it is old grief over old losses. It has taken many of you by surprise. My best explanation is that the veil is thin enough right now that you can feel them more, and sometimes that brings out more grief. As we know, grief is certainly not a one-size-fits-all kind of a thing. Everyone does grief in their own way, and there is no wrong or right answer.

As an animal communicator some of the most profound sessions of my life have been with wise and brilliant animals. I had a conversation with a dying dog recently that I feel must be shared. Tessa is a beautiful dog with an ancient soul. She has served as a companion and caretaker to her human for many years. I have had the pleasure of working with her and family for the last 4 years. As she has gotten older she started having seizure and her weight is plummeting. The vet says there's nothing that can be done besides take good care of her at home and so that's what is happening. I was called out to come visit her at home to give her Reiki session and talk to her about how she's feeling.

I told her that her family is tremendously worried and they're afraid that she's going to die. Tessa responded that she's most certainly making a transition and she would really appreciate it if everyone would stop begging her not to. She said that she is nearing her soul’s expansion. She expressed that human words around death are just…. dead. She said that it is not that at all and nothing is dying. She said it is the greatest honor to meet her soul’s expansion. That means that her work here in this body, at this time is done. She expressed to me that she wishes that her family could celebrate her soul’s expansion rather than grieve it. I was very taken by this description of transition. She's quite excited for that day to come, though she did express that she will miss her family tremendously. She did reassure us that she'll be around keeping an eye on things, and helping to train the new puppy who she knows it's going to be filling her role.

I found a lot of comfort in Tessa's words about the soul’s expansion. I think the expansion of my soul is a glorious thought, and an honor indeed. I think about those whom I have lost, and that they hit the point to their soul was ready to expand beyond their human body. I don't know exactly but your soul expansion means. Maybe I'll get to talk to Tessa about this more another day. At this point, this is what I know: I know that we are all effervescent souls having physical experiences. I know that life is meant to be lived and we are meant to love. I know that no one was born to suffer. And of course I know that we will all face our soul’s expansion someday.

These words have forever changed the way I see my past loved ones. As a medium, I frequently have family members asking “Are they okay? Are they in pain? Are they safe?” The answers are reassuring. Yes they're okay, and no they're not in pain. They're more safe then we could ever imagine. I've often had spirits tell me that heaven is such a glorious place that they have really no human words to describe it. People who have near death experiences frequently say that it was very hard to come back from such a wonderful place of peace. So, I guess that's what a soul’s expansion is all about. Dropping your pain, your hurt, your fear and any other low vibrating feelings or emotions. It's about stepping through that glorious white light, moving to the other side and expanding. Expanding your knowledge, expanding your capacity to love, expanding your understanding of who you are and what your soul is all about. From now on I vowed to celebrate the sacredness of a souls expansion. I don't know if that will make me grieve less or not, perhaps not. But I do know but it gives me an opportunity to be more respectful and reverent about someone's passing into heaven, meeting the their soul’s expansion.