The Gift of Books

In this day and age of hustle and bustle, sometimes I find myself craving opportunities to slow down a little bit. I have been thinking lately that it would be so nice for the Winter Solstice to descend upon us so that we can get some rest. This week I am already feeling the Winter Solstice energy start creeping in. It feels like peace. It feels like solitude. It feels like a rest, rejuvenation and an opportunity to feed our souls. I am ready to settle in for a long winters nap with a good book!

My mom was a teacher, and like any good teacher she loved books. Every year for Christmas we could be certain that we would all receive several books from her. She had great taste too. She loved to read and she loved to share great books with everyone. This year, with the sleepiness of the Winter Solstice already calling my name, I have been thinking about what I'm going to read this year. I usually issue a challenge to my radio listeners to read 3 books over the solstice. Look for one novel to feed your imagination, one autobiography to inspire, and one educational book to feed your brain. There are so many brilliant possibilities. With the advent of E-readers, we have millions of books at our fingertips. However, some of you may prefer the feel and smell of a real book. Don't forget books on tape as well. Are they still called books on tape? I may be dating myself. A long car ride or morning of housework is so much more enjoyable when you get lost in a good book.

This year, I am extending that reading challenge to you, dear reader.  What will feed your soul? What will stimulate your imagination? What will captivate you in a way that you can’t put your book down for hours and hours? This year give yourself the gift of literature. I can think of few greater gifts than that.