First Aid for Negative Self Talk

I am a big fan of positive affirmations to help quiet negative self talk. Louise Hay is the master of positive affirmations and her resources can be very helpful. I also feel like we can certainly be the masters of our own positive affirmations. Look at positive affirmations like a very strong blessing for you. Some guidelines for positive affirmations are that they contain positive words only, they are no more than three sentences long, and that they are written down and placed in places where you will remember to repeat them. They are usually written in first person. Positive affirmations should be repeated over and over again to continually shift your vibration into a more positive place. That is the goal. Positive affirmations, though they may not be exactly true in the moment, are designed to help bring your vibration into that of which you seek. Sometimes I hear people say that they don't like positive affirmations because it feels like they are lying to themselves. I disagree. Actually I believe that the lie would be convincing yourself that all of that negative self-talk is okay. Let’s look at an example. Maria is struggling with her self esteem. Her business has not been in a good place for a while and she has some decisions to make. Negative self-talk would say “You are doing a bad job at this, you are not a business person and you have wasted all of your money.” A positive affirmation might say, “I easily attract business to me. Abundance flows to me in wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways. I am safe to make a good decision.” When comparing these two statements, it is easy to recognize the difference in vibrational qualities. One feels hopeless and knocks the wind right out of you. The other feels expansive and full of possibilities. Now even if Maria decides to close her business, she can do so feeling empowered. She can trust herself and know that she is safe to make good decisions.


Some of my favorite positive affirmations are:


“I am exactly who I am supposed to be. I love myself therefore I take great care of myself.”


“I am a kind and gentle person and I attract kind and gentle people into my world. I deserve to be treated with love and respect.”


“I know what is best for me and I can trust my decisions.”


“Abundance flows easily to me and I always have enough. I am comfortable in knowing that my needs are always met.”


Remember that when negative self-talk sneaks in and starts trying to convince you that you should be fearful and down on yourself, that you have a whole toolbox of truth to work with. Counter negative statements with positive ones to create a powerful energetic shift.