The Magic of Gratitude


Frequently, I find myself urging my clients to find ways to be grateful for all of the transitions in their lives, even the painful ones. Is it possible to find gratitude in a lost job, a fading relationship or even a death? I believe that it is possible, and even vital.


            When faced with stress and tragedy, many of us are tempted to fall into a victim role, reciting all of the things that have gone wrong in our lives, past present and future. Even those who mean us well often suck us into those roles. Imagine Susan and her friend Karen visiting over coffee. “It is just so terrible Susan, first your husband leaves you, now you have lost your job. What’s next?” Wouldn’t it be amazing if Susan responded, “It has been a difficult time, sure. I am determined to find the best in my life though, so I am only focusing on things that make me feel good. For instance, I have a great opportunity to spend more time with my family until I find a new job. I’m so excited to see what new jobs may be waiting out there for me! I am so grateful that I get to learn some new skills and make more friends.” By being stubbornly optimistic, Susan has changed the dynamic of their conversation. She has transformed a negative statement into excitement and gratitude. She is a warrior for her future by staying positive!


            Whenever life throws you a curve ball, promise yourself to find the magic in every moment. There is always something to be grateful for. Encourage others around you to help you stay positive. Miracles happen when we live with an attitude of gratitude!