Physical Intuition

Intuition is a spiritual thing, right? Yes, of course. But it is a physical thing too. Intuitive hits can almost always be felt in the body. We have all heard of a "gut feeling;" that heavy or fluttery feeling in your stomach when a bit of intuitive information is coming through. Other people report a quickening in their heart, a prickling at the base of their spine, or a tingling at the top of the head, in the crown chakra. I have one colleague who has an eyelid that twitches! Personally, I experience a ringing in my ears or a shift in my crown chakra. I have no problem pausing during a reading if one of ears starts to ring to pick up the incoming message. Sometimes an angel or guide is very anxious to get a message through at that moment.


It can be extremely beneficial for all of us to learn what our own physical "tell" is. A good start is to learn what truth and dishonesty feels like in your body. The easiest way to do it is to sit quietly in meditation for a few moments and start feeling your body. Tune into your solar plexus and tell yourself a truth, something that you know without a doubt is true. Sit with that feeling. What did your belly feel like when you felt truth? Next, try a lie. Say something that you know for certain is not true. What did a lie feel like in your belly? Get familiar with these energies so that you can rely on them in everyday life.


Next, sit quietly in meditation, and ask to feel what incoming intuition feels like to you. Pay attention to any physical shift or sensation. Whenever you feel that sensation, stop for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and ask what you need to know. Trust yourself as the message comes in, and take action if necessary. 


The more you trust and use your intuition, the bigger part of your daily life it will become. Remember that intuition is a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

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