Thriving in a Job You Hate

I hear it quite a bit from my clients. They are feeling stuck in a miserable job that they hate. Maybe they are looking for something else, or day dreaming about slamming the bosses head in a drawer, but for financial reasons, they cannot leave. It’s a tough gig, working at a job that does not match you. We spend a tremendous amount of time at our jobs, after all. Allow me to share a few strategies to making it through the day with your sanity intact.


1-      Get your vibration out of the gutter. It is so easy to fall into a pattern of focusing on the negative bits, and allowing them to take up a crazy amount of your time and energy. When you do that, your stress level just keeps climbing, all day long. Instead, do your best to focus on things that you do like about your job. Point those things out to yourself frequently, with gratitude for the paycheck. It is a head game worth playing to lower your stress response.

2-      Focus on feeling good in other parts of your life. Now is the time to work to live, not live to work. Your job is just a means to have money to enjoy your life, and enjoy, you must! Plan weekend getaways, buy concert tickets, get a massage, etc. Use the bounty from your job to do more than survive. Use it to thrive too! You were not born to be unhappy, and even though the job may be trying to eat a hole in you, the rest of your time can be spent in better and more productive ways.

3-      Talk to somebody. Seriously, this is important. You have an opportunity right now to learn a lot about yourself. Most employers provide an EAP plan that provides a certain amount of counseling per year. Take them up on that, and find someone that you can run your frustrations by. Just releasing that garbage from your body and spirit will help a lot.

4-      Get regular energy work. Keeping your chakras balanced and your spirit clear will go a long ways toward helping you feel better. When you are in survival mode, you tend be a bit ungrounded. That can result in a blown out crown chakra, which causes anxiety, overthinking, depression and racing thoughts. It is hard to feel like your best self when that is going on!


Ultimately, you have a responsibility right now to nurture yourself as much as possible. And honestly, if you are this unhappy with your job, it is time to make a change. Start working in that direction with a new resume, applications and a little chip on your shoulder. A new employer will be lucky to have you!