Back to School Tools for Empaths

School is getting ready to start. Parents everywhere are rejoicing or mourning. Kids are getting excited and a little nervous. Empathic kids are probably sharing a myriad of emotions with their parents and their peers. Empathic children have an especially complicated relationship with school. It is the nature of an empathic child to try to make sure that everyone is okay. Since they feel what others are feeling, they may take on the role of trying to make their classmates and their teacher happy all the time because they feel their stress. It really is such a tender and difficult challenge for these children.


I can remember as a kid sitting at my desk with my tummy hurting worrying about why my teacher was unhappy. I blamed myself. Lots of empaths do. Since we feel what someone else is feeling we also feel that we have some responsibility to it. As a child you don't recognize that your teachers are people too. It never occurs to you that perhaps she's had a hard morning, or maybe he is worried about money or some other adult issue. Children have no idea that their teachers may be under some kind of stress or duress. They couldn't possibly fathom that they may not actually love this job or the people that they are working with. And of course, kids rarely realize that their teacher could be ill, and trying to work through it.


I know many marvelous teachers and I hope that your children all have a marvelous teacher this year. But even marvelous teachers have a bad day sometimes. It is vital that we teach our empathic children that other people's happiness is not their responsibility. One of the most important things you can teach them is that anytime their emotions shift they need to check in and ask their Spirit if this is their emotion, or someone else's. For example, Abby shows up to school in a great mood. She had a good morning, her hair turned out great and she had pancakes, her favorite. She gets into her classroom, sits down at her desk and suddenly has an overwhelming feeling of worry. Abby might sit with that worry all day. Potentially, she could be too distracted to do her school work. She may develop a stomach ache or headache. Overall that worry leads to another to another and pretty soon she's feeling tremendously anxious and just wants to go home. What if Abby knew, when the worry started, that it wasn't hers? What if she knew that when she feels that way she should check in with her spirit and find out. If she did, it would be easy for her to recognize she was assuming the emotions of someone else.


Abby will need a tool to get rid of this worry. It works very well to send whoever is worrying, hurting, stressed, etc a blessing. Once she does that, she will likely stop feeling it herself. This is why I love empathic kids to have a Reiki attunement. It is such an easy tool to bless others with. We can also teach children to call in the angels to bless someone, or to pray. Teaching empathic kids to send a blessing is powerful way to put them in control of a situation, rather than them being a victim to the energy around them.


To all of the parents sending kids to school this fall, I will join you in the happy dance! To all of the empathic kids heading back to class, I send you courage, discernment and love.