5 Easy Ways to get your Creative Juices Flowing

We've all been there. Periods of our lives where we feel stuck. Not sparkly. Our creative mojo seems to have vanished entirely. I know that I have, and sometimes these periods can stretch on for a while. Below are a few tips and tricks that I have used to resurrect my once untarnished creativity.


1- Go for a drive. Get out of your space and out of your head for a while. Sometimes just breaking up your environment is enough to give you a fresh set of eyes and jumpstart your creativity. You may also consider using a drive as an opportunity to hone your attention to detail. Watch for all things that are purple, a certain number, or any other details that you could pick out and pay attention to. Brain games that command attention to detail are a really good way to engage your creative senses.


2- Rosemary and peppermint essential oils are both great oils to engage your brain. You can diffuse them or wear them on your body. Take care to not get them in your eyes. Inhaling the scent of rosemary is a powerful way to light up your brain and engage your senses. I frequently diffuse rosemary and peppermint when I have a writing assignment that I need to complete. If I also am feeling flat and like I need to brighten up, I may add a little grapefruit oil to that mix as well.


3- Try out a new recipe. Cooking is creative as well and is a great way to engage your senses. Find a new recipe that looks interesting or better yet learn how to make something that is a familiar food from your childhood. Allow the process of purchasing, preparing and eating good food to feel your soul.


4- Try moving meditation. Moving meditation is a really smart way to engage your senses. Turn turn on some music that energizes you and get moving. You can dance, walk, stretch, do yoga, swim, etc. Spend this time thinking about the project at hand and how you would like to move forward. Many of us are kinesthetic learners and we need motion in order to fully engage our brains in the learning and creative process. Moving meditation really helps me to make plans and decisions. I love to swim in the winter when it is too cold to go walking. I have received more inspiration paddling around in the pool then I ever have sitting at my desk.


5- Talk it out with a trusted friend. Sometimes just having a conversation with a good listener will help you pull your answers to the surface. Talk to someone who you can trust and be candid with. Explain to them what what you are working on and why you are unable to move forward. They may have some good advice for you, and you will likely see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow too. I find that talking it out helps me to see what walls I have manufactured for myself, and often how to climb over them.


The point is, do something. Don’t sit in one place too long, feeling uninspired. That gets depressing fast! Lighten up and take action. You will be back to your bright and shiny self in no time!