5 Ways to Connect with your Inner Witch this Autumn

Which witch is which? Fall is in the air, and that makes me feel witchy. You know, the earth loving, nature worshipping, spell casting sort of witch. It seems to flow in my spirit, this need to connect with an ancient part of soul. There are things that I feel drawn to do every fall, maybe you do too.


1.   Harvest- If you have a garden, this is easy. Required, in fact. If you don’t, you still have options. Seek out an orchard, pumpkin patch, or community garden that you can harvest some of your own produce from. Connecting with the energy of the harvest is a powerful way to connect to the energy of your past self, as well as your ancestors.


2.   Have a bon fire- Okay, so maybe not a gigantic fire, but even a small campfire will do. Invite a few like-minded friends to join you for an evening of communing with each other. There is something very sacred about sharing in deep conversations while sitting around a fire. Tossing a few bits of resin style incense onto a hot rock really helps to add a flair of magic.


3.   Go on a nature hike- Take a hike, with the sole purpose of connecting with Mother Earth. Bring an offering to leave wherever you see fit, such as a special stone or a bit of herbs. Walk barefoot, even if just for a few minutes. Bring a small bag or basket to gather any rocks, leaves, berries, etc. that you would like to bring home for your altar or table to enjoy throughout autumn.


4.   Cast a circle- The purpose of casting a circle is to set aside sacred and protected space for magical or spiritual work. Anybody can do it. There are many ways to cast a circle. I will let you do your own research about how you would like to cast yours. The first time I cast a circle, I did so in my own backyard, alone. The energy was really powerful, so powerful that it scared me a little bit until I got used to feeling so electric. At one point, a huge gust of wind shot through out of nowhere, blowing out my candles. I relit them, and continued to do the work I set out to do. You may choose to cast your circle to do some healing work, writing, meditating or any other purpose that you see fit. Have fun with it, and enjoy exploring new energies.


5.   Learn a new form of divination- It doesn’t have to be huge or complicated, but now is a really great time to connect to the energy of divination. A new pendulum or deck of  cards would be great. If you really want to get witchy, make your own set of Witches Runes or staves out of clay or stones. If you are feeling super creative, make up your own form of divination. The possibilities are truly limitless!


Whatever you choose to do, be brave, think outside the box, and get witchy!