Candle Magic for Thanksgiving


I love Thanksgiving. It is the best reminder to be grateful for all of the good in our lives. This year particularly, it will be life affirming to me to allow gratitude to abound. I love including candle magic with dinner to draw the conversation away from uncomfortable topics and into a place of reflection.



Yellow chime candles are easy to get online or in your local metaphysical store. Holders are too, but could be cost prohibitive, depending on the size of your dinner party. You may consider making your own candle holders with clay, tiny pumpkins or small glasses filled with rice or dried beans. If you would like to anoint your candles with an essential oil, Nutmeg would be a great choice for this ritual. After the candles are blessed, just rub one drop of oil on each candle, from the bottom of the candle to the wick.

When the candles burn down, and the last bit of smoke is released, all of your gratitude is released to Universe!