Winter Solstice Wonder

The Winter Solstice is near. I can feel it tugging at me, this turn of the wheel. I love this solstice. This is the time that the world settles. This is when we reconcile the past year and start dreaming about the next one. The Winter Solstice always feels sleepy and dreamy and mystical to me. The magic of the Yule is gentle and full of hope, bringing the promise of lighter days to come. The Winter Solstice always makes me long for some ceremony. It is an ancient tug on my soul. What kind of ceremony differs from year to year. Here are a few things I am thinking about this solstice.


1-    A sacred fire. I studied for a few years with a Grandmother who taught me many things about ceremony and ritual. She taught me how to build a sacred fire for ceremony that creates sacred space. I feel like warming my soul in the light of a sacred fire will give me the best backdrop to do my work.


2-    A burning ritual. I have some serious releasing to do this year. First, I must give gratitude for the things that have challenged me and helped me grow, then I must release them. I am going to use pine cones. Some people may choose to use a pen and paper. First, I will sit in meditation, reflecting on the past year. One by one, I will hold a pine cone to my lips, speaking the challenge or situation into its bristles and what I feel like I learned from it. Next, I will release my pine cones into the flames of the sacred fire, allowing them to devoured, transmuted and honored by the flame.


3-    A Solstice bath. I am making solstice bath salts by combining sea salt with Frankincense, Jasmine, Spikenard and Rosewood essential oils. Frankincense, because it connects me to my higher wisdom. Jasmine, because it connects with and honors the returning of the sun. Spikenard, because it connects me to the earth. Rosewood, because it connects me deeply to the Divine Feminine energy that flows through me. Men may consider blending with Cypress, to honor the Divine Masculine. I will bathe by candlelight, and spend that time contemplating things that I would like to learn and accomplish during the Winter Solstice period.  


What will you do with this solstice? Get creative and trust your gut. There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate this truly sacred time of year.