Dream a Little Dream

When I was sixteen my cousin Eric was killed in a car accident. It was a single car rollover, in his beloved 1960’s Beetle. He was seventeen years old and the closest thing to a brother that I ever had. We had been close for years. He knew how to scare me half to death with some stupid scary movie, make me laugh with ridiculous prank calls and make me feel loved by vetting my boyfriends. I had experienced death before, but never someone that I was so close to. The grief that I felt sent shockwaves through me for months. Eventually, I had a dream about him. He looked so good, like the real him, nothing like the beat up grey corpse that I had last seen. He was smiling, laughing and teasing. He asked me to tell his mom that he was okay. He showed me that he was with a lot of other souls, doing important work of some kind. I woke from that dream feeling some peace around his death. It didn’t take away my grief, but I do think that it softened it. I shared my dream with my mom, who told me that she had dreamed a few times about her grandfather, after his death. In all cases, our dreams felt so real, like we had an opportunity to see each other face to face.


I have come to understand that these dreams are visitations; opportunities to connect with souls that we love. They are precious reminders that we are not alone, that the soul lives on. I often receive visits from my parents, grandparents and other souls who are precious to me in dreamtime. I know that many of you do as well, because you have shared so many incredible stories with me.


The question is, what if you don’t? I have talked to grieving clients over the years that would do anything to have a visit with their passed love ones. I have, in mediumship sessions, heard spirits say that heavy layers of grief are hard to navigate through. I have also heard them say that they will not come in a dream if it would do more harm than good. If saying goodbye again is just going to tear someone’s heart out, they may hold off until the wound is not so fresh.


If you are hoping to connect with someone on the other side, invite them! It helps to ask them to come, and to ask your angels and guides to help make it happen. Be patient, as our linear time is not the same as time on the other side, so it may not happen right away.


May your dreams be filled with comfort and peace.