Women Elevate

I grew up in a home of 3 girls. As adults we have been each others best friends and allies. It wasn’t always that way though. As kids, we fought just like any other house full of kids does. My dad hated the fighting, and couldn’t bear to see us be cruel to each other. He would always say, “That is your sister, and she is your best friend!” What wise words. As we grew into teens, we all became much better friends. We shared a lot of friends that came to our house to hang out with all of us. By the time we reached young adulthood, we were truly best friends.


What kind of a world would we live in, if all women could treat each other that way, like their best friend? Even after all of these years of female empowerment, we are way too quick to tear each other down. It is expected. It is accepted. Women fight, don’t you know? Too many women in an office means war, right? Wrong. It doesn’t have to mean that. It is time to flip the script on people who believe that women are supposed to devour each other for their own gain.


We need to start looking for every reason to defend and support our sisters, whether we know them or not. We are our sister’s keeper. We must start teaching our children a new narrative about girls and women. Our little girls need to see their mothers modeling supportive and accepting behavior towards all women. We must REFUSE to judge other women based on their appearance, weight, relationships, parenting choices, career, religion, clothing, sexual choices or any other thing that is none of our business. Instead, we have to be brave enough to look within, to find the light in our female counterparts, and to draw it out in any way that we can. We have to be brave enough to allow other women to be equal to us, with no need or attempt to tear her down.


There is room in this big world for all of us to be individual. To be successful. We can all win when we choose to stop competing and start elevating every woman and girl in our lives. Never forget, she is your sister and she is your best friend.