Seeking the High Road

Mondays are considered motivational Mondays at my house. I have a little Instagram group with my kids a few close family friends that I share a few motivational quotes with. It has been fun, because I can tailor quotes to the things that I know are going on in these kids’ lives. They are mostly athletes, so many of the things that I share relate to sports, but not always. Sometimes it is about friendship, kindness, teamwork or hard work. Recently, I shared a quote with them that really hit home to me.


“Reach for higher ground, every day, in every decision. Big and small, our choices add up to the life we live. Be someone who encourages and uplifts. Share your story. Trust in what you feel. Follow your heart. Live the dream in you. Then you inspire someone else to live on their higher ground.” Kelly Epperson


This quote helped me to start evaluating my own decisions, big and small. Am I reaching for higher ground, or the easiest ground? Do I encourage and uplift selectively? Am I truly living the dream in me? I know that I can do better, in many areas. I also started wondering, what I am doing to encourage and motivate myself. Does my self-talk reflect who I want to be? Does my self care reflect how I would like my health to be? Right now I have more questions than answers. It is time for me to do some soul searching, with brutal honesty. I suspect that I am in for an attitude adjustment. My kids say, “You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself!” Consider me checked.