Invisible Scars

The scientific study of epigenetics digs deep into the theory that highly emotional events can cause literal scars on DNA that can be inherited, just like green eyes or blonde hair. Part of my work has been to learn how to unlock those scars and heal them, setting clients free from invisible barriers to their success and happiness. It is such an intriguing subject, with an incredible potential for positive change.


I had a client years ago that was in a miserable marriage. She and her husband struggled in every way imaginable. They had both had repeated affairs, and hadn’t slept in the same bedroom for years. They didn’t seem to even like each other, let alone love each other. She wanted to leave him desperately, but couldn’t seem to make it happen. Every time she got on the brink of leaving, something within in her would back up.


She came to see me to see if I could help her sever the energetic cords that connected them. We did that. Six months later she was back, still married, still miserable. We did past life work. We worked through fear and ego. We did inner child work and more energy work. She stayed married. Her family and friends begged her to go. SHE begged herself to go, but as usual, she felt blocked from doing so. Things had deteriorated to the point that he was unwilling to work and they were forced to live with his mother. My client was at an all-time low.


She came to see me for a DNA clearing. She said that she was not sure why, but had a dream that made her think that was what she needed. DNA clearings involve taking a look at ancestry to see where there may be scars on a client’s DNA that are affecting their current lives and behavior. Immediately, her maternal great grandmother came in. We were told that she carried scars on her DNA regarding marriage that her granddaughter was carrying. She expressed to us that as a young bride, her husband was a gambler and philanderer, but her mother would not allow her to leave him. She instilled in her that she had to be a dutiful wife and make it work. She stayed married to him until the time of his death, when she was in her 70’s. It was an unhappy marriage for the bulk of that time. She took joy in her children and her little dogs, and worked hard to keep them all fed.


She expressed to us that the hurt and humiliation he caused her had created scars on her DNA that she had passed along to her posterity. I performed a DNA healing on my client, unlocking those scars at the source, the great grandmother, and sending them forward through her posterity. We followed up that clearing with a new blessing, empowering her to get her life back. Her grandmother promised to stay close by and to help her in any way that she could.


I didn’t hear from her again for several months. When I did, I learned that she left her husband just a few weeks after our work together. She was living in her own apartment, had released 20 lbs. and had a good job that she loved. Her grandmother was so proud of her.  Life still has it's ups and downs, the but the invisible scars that were helping her stay stuck and miserable are gone now. She is in control of creating her own happiness.