Eloheim, the Angel of Ascension

I’ve been doing psychic radio for a long time. Radio is great, but it exposes you to a lot of different energies. When the Psychic Sisters started on New Sky Radio, at CBS, we were exposed to a much larger audience. Suddenly, I found myself under psychic attack over and over again. A psychic attack happens when someone has a strong emotional response to you and makes a connection to your spirit. I have always worked with Archangel Michael in times of trouble, but it just kept happening. I was exhausted, ungrounded and in pain.



Finally, in meditation, Michael introduced me to an angel I had never worked with before. He was an archangel, and huge, a lot like AA Michael, only older. Ancient. He had long white hair and hardly spoke. Michael told me that his name was Eloheim. I was sure that I was mishearing this, as this is a name associated with God in the bible. I asked for the name again, again heard Eloheim. Again, I insisted that I was mishearing, but for the third time, heard Eloheim. Michael explained to me that man has frequently misunderstood whom they were working with, thus the confusion with who this light being is.



I asked AA Eloheim if he could lessen my load, clear and protect me from the energetic attacks that were coming my way. He used a red flame to burn away all of the psychic debris. He placed a red ring of fire around my feet, to continue to protect me from all that was not loving. I felt better than I had felt in months.



I was so curious about this ancient being of light, who so effortlessly burned away months of pain and struggles. It was explained to me that Eloheim is an angel whose purpose is to help ascending beings. He is, indeed, ancient. He has not been active on our planet for a very long time, but is now here to help anyone who calls on him. He says very little. His job is not to comfort or coach. His job is to clear away lower vibrating energy, in order for us to continue to ascend to higher frequencies.



If you would like to learn how to connect to this powerful Archangel, I am teaming up with Kristi Brower to teach a Spiritual Protection class on April 17th at 7:00 PM at 12Academy.com.  We will discuss AA Eloheim and teach students how to connect to him for help, as well as presenting other techniques for psychic protection.