The True Weight of Stuff

My aunt used to say that nothing made her happier than bags of trash at the curb. As an adult I can really understand that. When my house gets too cluttered I start feeling like I'm drowning in it. Stuff carries a tremendous weight. We live in a society where we are constantly encouraged to have more. We work hard to acquire more. But the more we have, the more we have to deal with. We have to store, display, clean, repair and deal with all of the stuff in our lives.


We recently completed an addition on our home. We created an additional bedroom. As my son was moving into his new bedroom, he downsized a lot of his things. It made sense to me. Just moving bedrooms he realized that he was holding on to a lot of old things that didn't make sense to keep any more. As my daughters moved into their respective bedrooms, they discovered the same thing. In just one afternoon all 3 kids managed to clear out a tremendous amount of extra stuff. I was amazed to see all 3 of them suddenly acting like they had more energy. They got out of bed the next morning without a struggle, and got out the door on time. Their stuff is organized. They know where their clothes and their shoes are. Their bedrooms are easy to navigate. The energy is just better.


The rest of the house is just about to get the same treatment. Every so often it really pays to do a big decluttering. I am a fan of the box method. Put several boxes on the floor in the living room. Label them. One box for recycling, one for trash, one to return borrowed items, one to give things away, and one to donate. As you navigate to your house it is easy to pick up items and place them in the appropriate box. It doesn't take long to have your house sorted out. The key then, of course, is to deal with the boxes. They can't now sit in the living room for six weeks. I feel like these sorts of projects have to be put on a short deadline in order to be successful. Set a goal to have all of the boxes dealt with in two days. You will be surprised how much better your house feels and how much happier your spirit feels.


All of that additional stuff carries an energetic imprint. If you have a stack of mail that brings you anxiety, every time you walk past that stack of mail you will feel anxious. Instead, deal with that mail. Take action and do what you need to with it so that you can then shred it and have it gone. That dead houseplant in the corner just feels like death. Get rid of it. That ugly old blanket on the back of the couch that your mother-in-law made? Let it go. The worst energetic culprits in your house are the things that you are keeping out of obligation. Just because it was a gift does not mean that you have to keep it front and center if it doesn't bring you joy. I don't know about you, but if I gifted someone something and it did not bring them joy I would certainly not be angry if it wasn't displayed in the living room. In fact if I've ever gifted someone something and they don't need it or use it any longer, I am completely happy for them to donate it or get rid of it. To be honest I probably wouldn't remember what I gave them anyway. We keep many things out of obligation. That is a mistake. Keeping any items out of obligation prevents you from surrounding yourself in things that you love.


I have been on many, many space clearings in people's homes. Some of the worst energetic homes that I've ever been in we're full to the brim of extra stuff. There was a home that was literally built on a landfill. Apparently there had been a very junky old property that was abandoned when its owners died. Rather than deal with all of their stuff, the county eventually brought in a backhoe, dig a giant hole and buried all of their junk. The piece of land was sold and a new house was built. Several years later, my client bought the home. This house was an energetic nightmare. They had constant paranormal issues, weird energetic issues and chaos in that house. Every once in awhile some of the buried junk would work its way to the surface. Their  lawn would gift them with an old baby doll head, a fork or a broken string of cheap baubles. It was weird and unsettling. It took several visits and a lot of creative work to finally fully clear that property. All of that stuff with its own energetic imprint was affecting the entire property. All of that stuff carried a huge energetic weight.

If you feel like you are drowning in your own clutter, make a promise to yourself this spring to let It go. While you are at it, let go of guilt and obligation. Remember that your house is your sanctuary and you deserve to feel fabulous there.