Are you looking for your stairs?

I have an precious Chihuahua who is 11. His name is Skippy. He has never been an athletic guy. He has never been able to jump up onto the couch. That is a huge issue for him, since he spends 90% of his day there. Nothing makes Skip happier than an afternoon of snuggling in quilts on the couch. Additionally if anyone else is sitting on the couch he believes that it is his responsibility to sit with them. Recently he was the recipient of a set of puppy stairs. They were hand-me-downs from his dachshund  cousins who refused to use them. Their mother had finally had enough of them and passed them on to Skip. He wasn't sure what to make of them initially. I had to teach him how to use them by chumming him up the stairs with Cheese Nips. It didn't take him long to figure out that those stairs meant freedom. Now he comes up and down the stairs many times every day. Up the stairs to lay on the couch, down the stairs to get a drink, up the stairs to bark out the window, down the stairs to go see what someone else is up to. It goes on and on all day. No longer does he have to beg next to my chair to be picked up. He simply sprints up his stairs and is in my lap in no time. It has been fun to watch him discover his new-found freedom and start using it. The incredible thing is, he has perked up in other ways too. He is not sleeping as much. He is playing with toys a lot more. He is bouncing around the house looking for someone to play with. He has even been venturing into the backyard to play a little bit. Skippy's life has literally been changed by a hand-me-down set of stairs.


I have a talked to a lot of people lately who are feeling stuck. Jobs, money, relationships and personal growth are all topics of stagnancy. People are looking for their own set of stairs to elevate them to a new level. Most people are looking for BIG change, thinking that will help them to feel better. Could it be, though, that smaller, easier changes could make all of the difference? What if your stairs are looking right at you, so easy, so obvious, but you can't see them?


If you are feeling stuck, step back. Start small. What can you change about your self care, your environment, the way to spend your time? So often, when our whole situation seems bleak and hopeless, we forget that we have the power to change a great many things in our lives. Change what you can, and as you shift your frequency out of feeling stuck, expect to see larger changes begin to roll out.