Ethereal Metals

I am a dream traveler. I have been for all of my life. In the past 10 years many of my dreams have been downloads of information. Sometimes, I think I am remembering something from a past life that I need to bring into my current one. Sometimes I think I'm being taken to a time and place to learn something that humanity needs right now.


Recently I had one of those downloads. I was with a dear friend of mine who I frequently travel with in dreams. Our dream adventures are sometimes very intense. Once, a couple of years ago, we came back from a dream adventure and she was covered in blood and I had pleurisy in one of my lungs! We must have had quite a night! We don't always remember the work that we are doing, but when we do it is exciting.


In this dream she was laying on a stone slab. She was surrounded by people that were performing some sort of a healing on her. We were in a giant stone building. I identify this place as Atlantis. I have been there in dreams and past life regressions many times. My friend was surrounded by people that were performing a healing on her. They were teaching me how to insert an egg-shaped disc of mercury into her shoulder, draw it all the way down her arm and pull it out her hand for her pain. In the dream, she and I were both concerned because mercury is known to be poisonous. It was patiently explained to us that mercury is only poisonous in the physical form but not in the ethereal form. We inserted the disc into her shoulder and drew it down her arm and out her hand five times. They explain to me that mercury will help with her nerve pain. They showed me how to work with other metals too. I was seeing ribbons of silver, tetrahedrons of gold and little steel balls that we were moving through people's bodies for various kinds of healing.


I woke up from that dream full of wonder. I knew that I had received a download of information that I was now to take forward and use. I called my friend to compare experiences with her and, as has happened many times before, she also remembered the dream and the experience. I have not spoken to her in a couple of months, and did not know that she suffered an injury in yoga that has resulted in a significant amount of pain on the right side of her neck all the way through her shoulder and down her arm. While we were on the phone we practiced the healing technique running the disk in all the way down her arm and out her hand. We did it five times. She experienced immediate relief from her pain. We were both getting very excited about the possibilities. Since then I have been asking more questions and applying ethereal metals to healing whenever I can. The results have been exciting and interesting to say the least. I I'm confident that the more I work with this energy the more we will understand it.