Spontaneous Much?

Last night, near midnight, I discovered that people were witnessing Aurora Borealis in the clear night skies around me. I was giddy with excitement, as I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights in person. Scott and I set out on a grand adventure, just as we should have been climbing into bed!



Scott drove us way out on the desert, away from the city lights, to the top a tall hill. We were the only souls for miles and miles. We had 365 views of a perfectly clear night sky. In the distance, we could see the whitish, swirling lights rising, with occasional brilliant flashes of green. The Aurora Borealis, in all of her wonder, lighting the sky with her mystical allure. It was pure magic.


The silence was pristine, no traffic noise to intrude on the solace. The only sound that we were heard was the moment when two packs of coyotes, on either side of us, began calling to each other. One pack was close enough that we could hear their individual voices. The young pups, high pitched and shrill, were balanced by the deeper voices of their elders. They talked back and for some time, then moved on.



Eventually, we pried ourselves away from the sanctuary of the sky and headed home. As we drove in comfortable silence, I thought about how much I need these spontaneous adventures. We ALL need spontaneous adventures. Life is often too structured, too scheduled, too planned. I am determined to put my calendar away more and fret less about time. Will you join me? I would love to hear about your spontaneous adventures this summer!