The Illusion of Privacy

Privacy. Something that we think we want, until someone gives us a cell phone and an Instagram account. People get very upset about the government prying into their privacy, and yet they are likely to spill their deepest darkest secrets to their hairdresser next time they get their hair done. We are funny like that. We want privacy, but always on our own terms. I live in a small house with a husband, three teenagers, and six dogs. There is no privacy to be had. To be honest, I am writing this article while locked in my bedroom, pretending to get dressed. The only privacy that is really ever afforded to me is when I am working with clients. Then my family knows that they better keep their distance and stay away. I just have to keep reminding myself that someday they won't all live here, and I will probably miss their chaos.


Recently, the topic of spiritual privacy has come up for me several times. As a medium, I have spirits around me frequently. Spirits don't tend to have polite boundaries when it comes to privacy. In visiting with some students and colleagues in the last couple of weeks, we have shared some good laughs about times that we've had spiritual activity in awkward moments. We have all had to tell spirits that we were not interested in talking to them when we were in the bathroom, taking a shower, getting dressed, etc. I thought about making one of those cute, kitschy little signs that go on the bathroom door that says “Ghosts and kids line up here.” I probably won't though, for fear that they actually will! Now that's a visual.


Our basic understanding of the spirit world, is that they are kind of like Santa Claus right? They see you when you're sleeping, they know when you're awake, they know if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! I have had clients wondering if their grandma was upset with them because they were pretty sure that she saw them banging their boss or smoking a joint. The truth is, she probably did see that. And she is also not upset. Judgement in the spirit world is not nearly so much of a thing as judgement around here is. Your late grandma wants to make sure that you are happy and she wants to assist you wherever she can. She is not spying on you to pass harsh judgement on your life choices.


I don't know if we should be comforted or freaked out by the fact that there is so much spiritual activity happening around us at any given moment. Maybe a little bit of both. Hopefully though, I can help you see that you are never truly alone. Even in the darkest, seemingly most lonely and low moments of your life, there is always someone around you to help offer love and assistance.