Katie's Ark: Air Quality for the 4 Legged


Each week on Katie's Ark, Animal Communicator Katie Weaver discusses a topic relating to the physical, emotional or spiritual health of our animal companions. 




We think about air quality in our homes for ourselves, but have you considered the air quality needs of the animals who live there? It's a no brainer that second hand smoke is not good for them, but what else?




  • Cleaning Supplies- Harsh chemicals are a huge contributor of indoor air quality issues. Choose your supplies carefully, and go as natural as you can. If you are making your own cleaning supplies with essential oils, be sparing, and learn what it safe for pets. Remember, they walk, sleep and eat on the floor a lot more than you do!

  • Air Fresheners- A little bit goes a long way. Be really sparing with things like air freshening sprays, Plug Ins, wax warmers, diffusers, etc. Animals should never be trapped in a space with things like this. They need to be able to get away from smells that are overwhelming to their sensitive systems. If your dog's fur smells like the air freshener, you are likely using too much.

  • Pollen, dust and other air borne issues- Animals can develop allergies just like humans can. Be sure that filters on furnaces, air purifiers and air conditioners are changed or cleaned frequently to support the best air quality.


What to expect this week, August 14th-20th-




Sleep seems to be the name of the game. The dog days of summer are catching up to our fur kids this week. Don't be surprised if your companions are acting like they want to stay home and be lazy. They might have the right idea, as the collective energy is pretty heavy right now. Make some time this week to join them in a good nap and cuddle session.