12Weather Report, August 21st-27th

Monday- It is finally here, the Big Kahuna. We have been anticipating this full solar eclipse for quite some time. For those of you who have felt a lot of pressure building you may experience a bit of relief today. However, most of us can anticipate a tsunami of emotional energy to surge today. Be patient with yourself and with others, as everyone is reacting to the intensity of the eclipse.


Tuesday- It is pouring motivation today. You will likely feel the need to get a lot done. Stay positive, and resist the urge to be hard on yourself. After all, you are doing the best you can.


Wednesday- A gentle breeze of compassion is moving through today. This is a wonderful time to be in the service of others as well as yourself. Make some time to connect with like-minded souls today, as you may take a lot of Solace in the comfort of their compassion.


Thursday- The Sun is bright and sharp with justice today. You will likely feel the need to impose your version of right and wrong today. Think before you speak, and let that Facebook post sit for a few minutes before you hit send.


Friday- A low-pressure band of balance moves through today bringing with it a sense of harmony. This is a great time to abandon your judgment of others and turn within. If you have qualities that you would like to develop within yourself, now is a great time to work on them.


Saturday- It is hailing great ideas today, but communication is not at her best. You may feel like you are not really being heard or understood. If that is the case, take a deep breath and a step back. You may want to wait to communicate your plans until later on. Be aware that others may also have a need to express their inspired ideas to you. Do your best to be a great listener as you are being trusted with precious information.


Sunday- A misty fog of daydreams move through today. Make sure that you have some adequate time alone in order to allow your imagination to run wild. It truly is a magical day.