12Weather Report September 4th-10th


Monday- The sun is shining bright with social opportunities today. Take your pick, or sneak in a great day to do a few things for yourself.

Tuesday- The wind is howling with emotional shifts today. Buckle your seat belt and hang on tight! Avoid drama as best you can.

Wednesday- The full moon today is offering us waves of love and healing. Embrace the kinder things in life, and allow others to do a little for you as well.

Thursday- It is pouring passion today. You may find that you are feeling more powerful than ever. This is a good day to make important phone calls and connections, as you are a strong presence right now.

Friday- A gale of impatience blows through today. Road rage and office clashes are likely. Take a deep breath and think before you act, to avoid lasting effects.


Saturday- The sun is burning bright with balance today. Common sense rules, as you will be clear about important decisions. You may find that you have no tolerance for drama of any kind.

Sunday- A gentle breeze of support is gliding through today, bringing comfort and peace with it. This is a great time to jump into the service of others. Whether you bake cookies for your neighbor or perform a random act of kindness, serving will give you a big energetic boost.