Bringing in new Animal Companions

About a week ago I noticed a little white footed tabby cat running around our neighborhood near my house. He is a kitten, but not a tiny baby. At least 12 weeks old. This kitten decided that he lives at my house. He started darting through our legs when the door would open coming in the house purring, meowing, rubbing up against our legs. He even started sneaking in open windows and sleeping in people's beds. We don't have any cats. We have a lot of dogs, and so I've always opted to not have a cat. However, this little guy insisted that he lives with us. I started putting a little food and water out for him, because I certainly didn't want him to be hungry. Then, we started calling him Jeffrey. You should never give an animal name unless you're planning on keeping them right? Anyway Jeffrey has very quickly made himself a fixture at our house. He loudly lets us know what he wants and is basically getting all of the spoiling that he believes he deserves.


Our little Chihuahuas aren't sure what to think. Skippy, our older dog, actually seems to like him. I have seen them taking long, sweet naps on the couch or in the dog's bed. I even caught Jeffrey chasing him through the house batting at his tail. Skippy didn't say a word, just let it happen. Rico, however, our younger Chihuahua, is having none of it. He has never been around cats before and he does not know what to do with Jeffrey. He is jealous and skittish when the kitty is in the house. To add insult to injury, Jeffrey keeps playing with his toys. Rico has a bed full of coveted babies, and Jeffrey thinks that they are a lot of fun. I keep reassuring Rico that it's going to be okay. We are giving him plenty of attention and love. This is not the order in which I would have planned to do this. Had we made a conscious decision to add a new animal to our household, I would have checked in with all of our dogs first, to make sure that they were comfortable with this plan. Unfortunately though that's not how this one played out. The universe had other plans for us when it came to Jeffrey.


As an Animal Communicator, I frequently help people to incorporate new animals into their homes. It really is a respectful and positive thing to do to check with your animal companions and make sure that they are comfortable with your plan. I wish I could have made that happen this time but I couldn't. It's just what happens. When adding a new pet to the home, it is always wise to consider the impact on all of the animals that already live there. Will they continue to get the same kind of attention they've always had? Will their living space be affected? Will they have to start sharing key components of their lives and care? It is likely that all of those things will be affected. That's why it is also wise to discuss it with them and at least make sure that they know what's going to happen.



As for us, we will continue to work towards fostering a great relationship between Rico and Jeffrey and the rest of the gang. I'm still not quite sure who Jeffrey showed up here for. He seems to be a familiar who knows that he lives here. He's been busily bonding with all five of us, but I do suspect overtime his connection to one of us will emerge as the reason he is here. It’s just another day of magic and mystery!