Past life memories in animals

It is a compelling question. Do animals have past life memories? I believe that animals have many many past lives. If that is the case, then wouldn't they have past life memories coming to the surface sometimes? I believe that they do. Have you ever had a dog who had an irrational fear? Perhaps he was terrified of water but you couldn't ever place him having a horrible experience with water. Perhaps he reacts very strongly to getting in the car, though he's never had a bad experience with the car. The list could go on and on. Now clearly, his fears could be grounded in something else, but is it possible that he drowned in a past life? Or was hit by a car? Of course it is. The only way to answer that question is through animal communication.


Years ago, we rescued a special needs Great Dane. He was pure white with blue eyes, and a product of bad breeding. We named him Vegas. He was deaf and mentally stunted. He was a wonderful dog by many accounts. He was huge and beautiful, and frightened of many things. Vegas was particularly terrified of riding in the car. He would leap from the back seat to the front seat, frothing, panting and whining. At that size, he was dangerous to ride with, as he could easily distract the driver or crank the steering wheel. At first, I thought that he was afraid because he was deaf, and perhaps the movement of the car threw him off. Over and over, I reassured him that he was safe, to no avail.


Eventually, I dug deeper with him. He repeated over and over to me that cars are bad, cars hurt dogs and showed me images of cars running him over. I was puzzled because Vegas lived in our backyard, in a very safe indoor/outdoor kennel with plenty of opportunities to the run the yard. We rescued him when he was 5 weeks old, directly from the breeder who was threatening to put him down due to his disabilities. He had never been around a car unless he was on a harness and transferred safely. Where were these fears coming from? It finally occurred to me that he was replaying a past life memory. I continued to assure him that he was safe, that the memories he was replaying did not happen in this life, and that I would never let something like that happen to him. He did eventually settle down in the car. 



In humans, when we uncover a trauma in a past life that is manifesting as a fear or phobia in this life, frequently that fear or phobia disappears. Is it possible to help an animal to dissolve their irrational fears? I believe that it can be done. Through reassurance, communication, and a willingness to understand what they may be going through, I do believe that we can face fears and phobias in our animal companions head-on.


Remember that they put a profound amount of trust in you. You are in charge of their every need. They trust that you will feed them, provide them access to water and hopefully give them some love and companionship as well. This need is no different. I am certainly not saying that anything that makes your pets nervous is a past life memory. I am saying though, that occasionally, in extreme cases of fear and anxiety, the past life connection should be considered.




I do believe that animals have a much greater understanding of the universe than we do. I suspect that that cuts back a little on the fear that they experience regarding spiritual matters. Hopefully that means that they experience past life traumas less frequently than people do. Either way, if we've done everything else that we can think of to cope with fears or phobias in animals or people, and we are still in a place of trauma, it is definitely worth investigating.