Throat Drops with Essential Oils

Several of you have asked me for my recipe for my throat drops with essential oils. I set out to make a look a like to doTerra's On Guard throat drops and Breathe cough drops. Both of these products help me a lot in the winter, but the cost is way too high, IMO. When I was in college, one of my cooking classes put on a Mother's Day luncheon. We made centerpieces out of hundreds of homemade lollipops. I spent a good week making suckers, until I think I could do it in my sleep. I figured that I could modify a hard candy recipe into a suitable lozenge recipe. 


But first, a disclaimer. Ingesting essential oils is a personal choice. Some aromatherapists and naturopaths do recommend ingesting certain oils. Some do not. I am, in no way, attempting to diagnose or treat you. It is YOUR decision to ingest oils safely, and it is your responsibility to do your own homework. 


This is the hard candy recipe that I followed:


I followed the basics explicitly. You have to be exact with product measurements and temperatures when you make hard candy, or you will end up with a goopy mess that doesn't get hard. Even worse, you can end up with a pan full of burned sugar that smells horrible. It can happen really fast. You MUST use a candy thermometer. You can get one at a big box store for around 5.00. Totally worth it. 


I veered away from the their recipe at the point of adding food coloring. I waited until 280 degrees, as adding it sooner fouled the color in the first batch. My lovely blue cooked into a hunter green. Pay close attention at this stage. You can go from 250 to 300 in a flash sometimes. Instead of adding their flavor oils, I used essential oils as follows.


When your product reaches 300 F, pull it off of the heat immediately. Allow it to sit to 1-2 minutes, then add oils. Premeasure them into a spoon. You cannot afford to waste time dripping oils in drop by drop. Stir them in quickly. There is some controversy among oils people about losing oil properties at high heats. Some say it is fine, others not so much. I feel fine about it. 


On Guard Drops- I used Jade Bloom's* Protect EO blend, 20 drops, and Jade Bloom's Tangerine EO, 10 drops. I had intended to use orange eo, but I was out, so ended up using tangerine. Either would be fine. 


Breathe Drops- I used Jade Bloom's Relief EO blend, 30 drops, and JB Cardamom EO, 5 drops. If you are using Breathe from doTerra, you would not need to add cardamom. 


I bought small candy molds at a local craft store. I sprayed them with Pam while my candy cooked. When the product was ready, I spooned it into the molds with a small metal ladle. You have to work quickly, as the product sets up quickly as it cools. Once your drops have fully cooled and hardened, you can dump them out of the molds and store them in an airtight container. 


A note about safety and clean up. First, be really careful. If you get hot boiling sugar on your skin, you will get a horrific burn, as it sticks to you and just keeps burning. Second, cleaning this mess up is best done by time. I toss all of my spoons and tools into the saucepan, fill it with hot water and soap, and let it sit overnight. By then, it is all dissolved and washes right out.


*I use a few different brands of EOs. I have developed a great affinity towards Jade Bloom due to their excellent quality, transparency and fabulous prices. I have also used a lot of doTerra over the years. If you have another brand that you love, feel free to sub their oils. Just be sure that you getting oils from a reputable source that you feel great about.