12 Weather Report September 25th through October 1st


Monday- Strong winds of irritation blow through in the morning. You will likely be feeling like Monday is not really your thing. By the afternoon though, the winds have calmed and you will likely feel much more grounded and centered.


Tuesday- It is gently sprinkling sentimentality today. Perhaps you will bake your grandmother's signature cake or thumb through an old book of photographs. You may find yourself longing for days gone by.


Wednesday The sun dawns bright and light-hearted today. You will likely feel the need to laugh a little more than usual. This is a great day for lunch or coffee with friends for some good fun conversations.


Thursday- Storm clouds are rolling in and thunder is booming with a need for change. If there is something in your world that has been under your skin for a while, this may very well be the day that you finally utter the words of change.


Friday- A cleansing rain is drumming down bringing us some relief from the frustration of yesterday. You will likely feel driven to get some important things done this afternoon. This is a great time to tackle something that you have been procrastinating.


Saturday- A high-pressure band of energy comes through making this truly a psychic Saturday. Your intuition will be on fire today. Trust yourself and have some fun with it.


Sunday- The foggy misty energy today will likely encourage you to stay home and have a good self-care day. Get some rest, eat some comfort food and do a few things for you.