12Weather Report October 2nd through the 8th

Monday- A high band of pressure moves through, creating accelerated motion all the way around us. You can expect that today will fly by in a flurry of activity. Make a list if you have plenty to do, as you will likely let a few things fall through the cracks


Tuesday- A gentle pitter-patter of harmony is falling today. It is a lovely day for relationships and new friendships forming. You may find yourself working together with someone new or unexpected on a project.


Wednesday- The sun is shining bright with success today. This is a great day to accomplish one of your goals. Expect that the universe is conspiring to bring wonderful things into your life.


Thursday- There is a gentle breeze of creativity ruffling our feathers today. This is an excellent time to do some writing, painting, redecorating, cooking or any other kind of activity that flexes your creative muscles. Remember that creativity is about the journey not the final product.


Friday- We will awake to a dreamy fog today, taking us to a place of daydreams and imagination. Intuition will be off the charts today. This is a good time to stay home and give yourself many opportunities to go within.


Saturday- A low-pressure band of sentimental energy comes through today and you may find yourself revisiting some old grief. Allow yourself to process through your emotions and if needed, talk it out with someone that you trust.


Sunday- It is hailing choices today. You may feel like areas of your life that have been stagnant are suddenly blowing up with too many choices and opportunities. Don't panic, this is a wonderful thing. Trust your gut and reach out for some validation if you need to.