12Weather Report October 9th-15th

Monday- A high pressure front of adventure moves through today. You may find yourself feeling a bit antsy and unable to sit in one place for long. This is a great day to play hookie and sneak away to do something fun.


Tuesday- The winds of truth are blowing today. You may feel like now is the time to come clean about something that's been hanging over your head. This may also be a day where the truth of some relationships in your life is laid bare. Move slowly and think before you react.


Wednesday- We are blessed with a gentle sprinkling of harmony today. While yesterday may have created some turbulence, the seas calm today and harmony sweeps in and cools everything down into a gentler and kinder place.


Thursday- It is hailing intuition today. You may not be able to escape from deep empathy for others. If that is the case, surround yourself with the kindest and gentlest people that you can. Avoid harsh experiences and upsetting media.


Friday- The sun is shining bright and clear with a need to celebrate today. Whether you are basking in the revelation that it is Friday or have some other need to kick up your heels, go ahead and have some fun. Remember that life is meant to be enjoyed.


Saturday- A low-pressure band of wisdom moves through today bringing a strong need to share our deep inner wisdom with others. You may choose to write, blog or even share in a great philosophical conversation with others. Remember that others will have the same need to share their own deep in her wisdom. Do your best to respect the points of view of others and honor and acknowledge their own need to share.



Sunday- A gentle breeze of companionship greets us today. Make plans with friends or family to spend some fun and low key time together.