I have long been a big fan of Frankincense essential oil. It is an ancient scent that evokes feelings of old soul remembrances. It is also an excellent oil forever variety of physical and emotional maladies. Frankincense is one of the few oils that has no objection in the animal world.


Old arthritic dogs, dogs with lumps and bumps, and anxious dogs may all benefit from the use of Frankincense. When using essential oils on dogs, they should always be diluted with a carrier oil. For example, if you have an old dog with arthritic hips, it would be wise to put a tablespoon or so of a carrier oil in the palm of your hand or a small dish and add two or three drops of Frankincense. Very diluted. You must remember that their sense of smell far exceeds hours. If you are placing an oil on their body, you must make sure that the smell is not painfully overwhelming to them. After all, we are trying to help them not hurt them right? Once you have put together your little massage oil, rub it into their hips. It helps to get it on your fingertips so that you can massage deep down into the fur. Be gentle, and listen to their cues. If they are stiffening then you may be using way too much pressure. Don't forget the base of the tail and the low spine as you administer your massage. This can be repeated every day as needed.



As always, check with your vet when addressing any health issues with one of your pets. And of course, with essential oils, do your homework and make sure that you are using a safe oil.


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