12Weather Report October 16th-22nd

Monday- We will find the truth drumming steadily down on us today. You may feel more bold about speaking your truth today than you normally do. You may also feel as though others are quite blunt with you. Avoid getting your feelings hurt, as everyone is feeling the need for truth and clarity.


Tuesday- A gentle breeze of faith flows through. You may discover that things you have been working on manifesting are coming through a little easier right now. This is a great time to be stubbornly optimistic in the future, as you know that you have the ability to continually create wonderful things in your life.


Wednesday- The sun is bright and clear today as is your consciousness. You may have a need right now to clean up messy relationships in your life. That may come through in the form of forgiveness as well as boundaries. Whatever you decide to do, give yourself permission to be happy and healthy.


Thursday- A low pressure band of trust moves through and you may find yourself forming alliances with other people that you trust. Whether it is an expressed or unspoken bond with people at work or in your family, this is a good time to nurture mutually beneficial relationships.


Friday- The rain is dancing on the rooftops today and so are you. While you may be feeling a need to celebrate something specific, you may also just have a need to kick up your heels and have a little fun. It is Friday after all. Make plans to do something fun tonight. You might even decide to step out of your comfort zone a little.


Saturday- The winds of abundance are howling through today. Abundance is breezing into your life in the form of financial gain, beneficial growth in relationships and improved health. Take a few minutes today to count your blessings and show a little gratitude for all of the good in your life.


Sunday- There is a mystical, magical energy in the air today. You may feel drawn to flex your intuitive muscles and connect to your angels and your guides. You will likely be feeling more connected to them than ever by the end of the day. This is a good day to make plans to stay home and give yourself many opportunities for quiet. It is in The quiet moments that our connection to the divine are the strongest after all.