12Weather Report October 23rd-29th

Monday- A low pressure band of patience moves through today and you may find yourself making plans that require long-term goal setting. For once, you are feeling patient enough to take a good hard look into the future and set some realistic goals.


Tuesday- The rain is coming down softly today with an encouragement for rest and rejuvenation. This is a great day to stay home curl up with a good book and give your body and your mind an opportunity to take a good break.


Wednesday- The winds of change are blowing yet again and that could mean a change in financial situations. This is a good day to expand upon a good idea, ask for a raise or launch something new. There is a lot of energy in building more abundance.


Thursday- The sun is shining bright and sweet spreading harmony throughout your life. Remember that darkness does not exist in light places. This is a great day to exercise a little forgiveness, permanently bury a few hatchets and be willing to embrace a newfound harmony, even with those who you have not had a harmonious relationship with in the past. This is a great energy to create new strengths in relationships at work.


Friday- Gusts of success are sweeping through. You may find yourself in the completion of a goal today or celebrating success in some other way. This is an excellent day to let something wonderful happen.


Saturday- It is hailing power struggles today. Even those who typically do not assert themselves that way may find that they are engaging in power struggles. Be sure that you are not a rebel without a clue. Walk away from the struggles that aren't worth it, and if you decide to engage, be prepared for the ramifications as everyone is feeling pretty stubborn.


Sunday- A gentle rain of communication is drumming steadily down today. This is an excellent time for you to express yourself through the written word and the spoken word. You may consider doing some extra writing today or expressing yourself verbally. This is a perfect time to organize a brunch or coffee date with like-minded friends for a great visit about things that are important to you.